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Maegan Molnar (She/Her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker passionate about connection and creating safe, compassionate spaces. She specializes in trauma, PTSD, grief, and relationship issues, as well as gender and sexuality. Maegan’s specific clinical interests include boundaries, shame, toxic positivity, and the complexities of major medical diagnoses.


Maegan has personal experience with breast cancer and has had the opportunity to write, speak, and educate about the facets of a major illness from diagnosis to the survivorship stage. From PTSD and survivors guilt, to relationship challenges and self esteem concerns - Maegan is an advocate for mental health care being a vital part of the coping and healing process of cancer treatment. 


Maegan believes that the uniqueness of every individual means that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all therapy. By integrating several approaches and utilizing an array of evidence based practices- Maegan knows that the best work done in therapy is work that is tailored to the specific client and concerns.

That being said, Maegan enjoys challenging clients and promoting trust, vulnerability, and humor during the therapeutic process.


In addition to clinical therapy, Maegan provides coaching, organizational education and training, public speaking, and writing.


When not in therapy, Maegan enjoys advocating for causes close to her heart, spending time with friends and family, listening to true crime podcasts, and petting all of the dogs.