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Dr. Emma J. Church (She/Her) is a nationally recognized healer, researcher, entrepreneur and advocate. She has received awards and accolades for her contributions to the field of psychology, medicine and her humanitarian work.


Dr. Church holds a Bachelor's degree in the Interdisciplinary Study of Art, Music and Psychology, as well as a Masters and Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology. After a successful career as a licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Church made the decision to transition her healing work to Holistic Wellness Coaching and Consulting to better assist individuals locally, nationally, and across the globe.


She is an experienced group facilitator, educator, lecturer, presenter, public speaker, podcaster and mental health advocate. Dr. Church is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (level I) and Reiki Practitioner (level I and II). Her unique background in sociocultural issues, science, spirituality and their integration with mind-body health are desired by many who seek her services. Dr. Church guides clients deftly through current circumstances and stressors into their best most aligned life with skill, non-judgment, compassion, dignity and her signature warmth and comfortable interpersonal style.