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Maegan Molnar, LCSW



Welcome! If you’ve made it here, you’re looking for a safe place to express yourself. You want to discuss things with an unbiased party and not be judged for your opinion, lifestyle, or unique needs. Maybe you’re struggling with gender and sexuality, relationships, anxiety, trauma, or navigating life transitions. If you're feeling like you've hit an emotional roadblock or that something is holding you back to bettering yourself or your situation- you've come to the right place. Life is way too short to keep putting off therapy when you could be working towards where you want to be!

I hold space for people navigating trauma, grief, boundaries, toxic positivity, and life in general. I believe no one therapy model fits everyone. I know that what works for some may not work for you- together we find a groove that is tailored to your needs and goals. Expect to laugh (maybe cry) and feel safe and supported along the way to healing.

I am a Trauma informed, Sex Positive, Body Inclusive, Gender Affirming, Anti Racist oriented clinician. That’s a mouthful right? What that boils down to is that I respect people for who they truly are. I honor the time we have together because I think everyone is worthy of dignity and respect. I’d love to walk alongside you as we navigate your success.



If you're interested in becoming a client, please e-mail us at to discuss getting started.

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